Have you been enjoying drinking clean and fresh water thanks to your reverse osmosis water system? Caring about the quality of the water we use and drink is a priority for all of us. Water is essential to humans and its quality is paramount to our good health.

At Hydro Solutions, we encourage everybody to take responsibility, not only by investing in the installation of water purification systems but also making sure it is regularly checked in order to keep enjoying clean water.

Remember that a reverses osmosis system is the most efficient filtration method purifying water by removing all undesirable molecules, salt and chemicals. This system isn’t like other water filtration systems. Its special feature is a based membrane technology filtration method which guarantees your well water is 99% contaminant free.

What do I need to do to ensure it remains contaminant free? 

  • Get your water tested after its installation: As soon as the system has been installed, bacteria tests can be conducted to make sure it is running normally and all bacteria is removed correctly. For your peace of mind, you can also request for further tests a couple of weeks later to confirm those results.
  • Keep a record of test results: at Hydro Solutions, we usually keep a record of all the tests we carry out for our customers. Remember you should always keep a copy in order to monitor its quality.
  • Carry annual professional maintenance: the National Ground Water Association recommends for an annual check of your water systems by licensed professionals. This preventive measure allows checking everything is on track and enabling for your reverse osmosis system to last for longer.

With over 20 years’ experience in water treatment services, at Hydro Solutions, we pride ourselves in installing, maintaining and repairing water systems with top quality products. Our team of experts will be pleased to assist you and design packages fit for your specific purpose.