“We have a very delicate balance in a highly managed system. That balance is very likely to get upset by sea level rise,” said 71-year-old Douglas Yoder, who is deputy director of America’s water and sewer department.

His job is to protect the country’s drinking water against the effects of climate change. While nobody knows when the sea level will spill over into areas where people live, from the above it has become obvious that the proportions of water and land are reversed. In the Miami area, water is seeping through the gravel underneath construction sites and it is simmering between places in the city, notably the metropolis between Biscayne Bay and the Everglades.

According to Bloomberg, rising sea levels of the Atlantic Ocean will cover much of Miami by the end of the century. Zillow Inc. estimates that if the sea level rises by six feet, 25% of Miami’s homes will be underwater. This would render $200 billion of property worthless.

Another looming crisis is the contamination of the 4,000 square mile Biscayne Aquifer, on which Miami-Dade is built. The results of the drinking water being contaminated could have sweeping consequences.

“The minute the world thinks your water supply is in danger, you have a problem,” says James Murley, chief resilience officer for Miami-Dade.

These are only some of the country’s increasing climate problems. Other issues include the summer’s toxic algae blooms and frequent flooding.

According to a researcher at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Stanford, Anna Michalak, climate change means that America’s cities are entering a state for which the water systems were not built.
“As the incoming water quality becomes either worse or just less predictable, you have to have more and more systems in place to deal with all of that,” said Michalak.

The amount of precipitation that falls during heavy storms in South Florida has increased by approximately 7% over the past 5 decades.

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