Did you know that over 21 million homes in America have private wells? If you are in the market for a new home and are considering buying a home with a well, then it will become your responsibility to check that the well can provide clean, safe, and affordable drinking water (and you will also be tasked with maintaining the well). Here are a few questions that you should ask before you sign on the dotted line in your new home purchase:

    • Standards and Codes
      The community that you live in may have certain standards and codes for wells. Ask for the original construction documentation, the maintenance records, and the well log so that you can check if it is up to standard or whether it will require modifications. The well log will also tell you how old your well is, and how long it has been of service. The maintenance records will show you how often it has been serviced and how often water quality testing has been performed. As the new homeowner, you should schedule annual testing.
    • The Location of The Well
      Make sure you know where the well is located. Take a look at the area surrounding the well so that it can be determined whether run-off will be prevented from the level of the soil in the garden. There are also minimum standards regarding how far the well is from contamination sources. You should also get a professional to do a visual inspection of the well to determine if there are any holes or cracks in the well. The well cap needs to be watertight and vermin-proof, so ask the current homeowner about the protective coatings.
    • Water Fixtures and Components
      Test the water pressure tank in your home and do a visible inspection to make sure there isn’t any corrosion or any cracks on your water tank.

    Hydro Solutions offers well services in Florida. Whether you need an inspection or advice about maintaining your new well, contact our professionals today.