Water is the essence of life and something that we need large amounts of every single day. Unfortunately, the reality is that it can also carry disease and lead to many unpleasant consequences if its quality is not checked on a regular basis. If you are concerned that your drinking water may not be quite up to scratch, here’s what you need to do.


If something isn’t right with the water, it is often possible to taste or smell it. For example, water that contains a lot of Sulphur will often give off an odor like rotten eggs, and metal sediments will taste slightly metallic. If there’s ever a time when something doesn’t taste or smell right, rather don’t take the risk. Instead, put down the glass and pick up the phone to call your local supplier. By law, you can request that the supplier sends you a copy of their most recent Consumer Confidence Report which will provide you with an in-depth look at the quality of the water with which they are providing your community.


If, after this, you are still unsure, you can ask that the supplier or agency run a separate test on the water coming out of your home’s faucets. It is possible to do this test yourself with the help of a handy home testing kit. The results are likely to be less detailed but it will tell you if there are traces of dangerous chemicals and remnants of things like lead, pesticides or bacteria present in the water. Remember – even if the water from the treatment plant is of good quality, that doesn’t guarantee that it can’t become contaminated on its journey to your family’s drinking glasses!


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