Need a reverse osmosis system in Palm Beach Gardens? We have been specializing in reverse osmosis system installations, maintenance and repairs for a number of years.

A number of people have asked us how reverse osmosis works. These systems are generally situated under a kitchen sink. The system includes either one or a number of water filters. The first one will pick up larger items such as sticks, rocks, debris or any other larger items which can make its way into the system. The second and third water filters are carbon filters and these filters catch a lot of the organic waste that needs to be filtered from drinking water. Chlorine is an example of organic matter that will be removed from drinking water.

Once this filtering process has taken place, the water will move through an oral membrane. This membrane is the heart of the reverse osmosis system and it’s the part that does the most work during the filtration process. This part consists of a porous, very tightly wound membrane which will ensure bacteria cannot filter through to the drinking water. The crystal clear drinking water will then be pushed into a storage unit for drinking and the dirty water will be pushed down a drain so that you and your family members do not consume any water which has bacteria or unhealthy organic matter in it.

Your sink’s tap can also be fitted with a special faucet which will distribute the filtered water to you after another polishing stage has further cleaned the water. This water is then completely filtered and ready for drinking, cooking, making tea or coffee or any other household needs.

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