Municipal water supplies do a great job removing contaminants from water. However they can only do so much and no more. If you are one of the many people who do not trust their water supplies then you have many water filtration options in Palm Beach. You are doing yourself a big favor by investing in a water filter, for only then can you be assured your family is drinking healthy water.

Here are some of the contaminants in the water which makes it crucial to purify your water:

Microbiological Contaminants

These are viruses and/or bacteria. They may come from sewage treatment, septic systems, livestock or agricultural production, or wildlife. Microbiological contaminants may also occur naturally in the water supply. Even if the contaminants in the water, such as fecal matter, coliform and E. coli, are only trace amounts, certainty and peace of mind can only be found in having a water filtration system installed.

Inorganic contaminants

These include minerals such as salt and/or metal. Although trace amounts of sodium are harmless and fluoride is actually added to the water supply for dental purposes, Barium and Nitrate may not be completely safe.

Hydro Solutions Palm Beach provides the communities in Palm Beach with safe, refreshing drinkable water. We supply and install many types of water purification systems.  Contact us today for more information on the wide range of water filters for your home or office.