Most people are now aware that hard water has many disadvantages and they have embraced the use of water softeners to improve the quality of their water and ultimately the quality of their lives. Hard water is okay for putting out fires, watering your lawn, washing off mud from your driveway, or some such use. However, hard water is not ideal for bathing, washing dishes and clothes, shaving, washing your car or many other uses of water. Soft water is more effective for these personal and household uses, which brings us to water softeners and the many myths paraded as truths about them. Let us bust some of the common myths so you are better informed when considering using a water softener.

Myth: You can filter or condition water without salt.

Fact: There are indeed some water treatment products that do not use salt. However these products are not as effective as a traditional water softener.

Myth: If water is softened it loses important minerals which are good for your body and leaches essential minerals from your body.

Fact: Water softeners do remove hard minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron from water. However, our bodies generally have a good supply of these same minerals from our diet and softened water does not affect the way our bodies absorb these nutrients.

Myth: Softened water leaves film behind on skin.

Fact: It is hard water which leaves an insoluble residue on the skin which makes your skin feel chapped or dry. Even hair feels heavy and lifeless when washed with hard water, while soft water makes it softer and less dried out.

Myth: Softeners add too much salt to water.

Fact: A water softener only leaves traces of salt in the water. These could be traces of sodium bicarbonate or sodium chloride depending on the product used. The fact is that the levels of sodium left in the water are ignoble and have no major impact on health.

At Hydro Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens we believe in busting the myths and providing our customers with up to date information on water softeners and other water purification services. If you want to taste an improved water quality contact us for a long lasting maintenance free water softener.