The marketing of water softeners was not an easy task when they were first introduced. This was mainly because most people did not understand the term or process called ion exchange, the commonly used terminology, which is a process used to make hard water soft. In order to help people understand how ion exchange works a new term was coined – water softener. Here are some facts you need to know about water softeners.

Just a Term

“Water softener” is nothing more than a term to describe numerous methods available for making water which is hard, soft. It is not a singular product, but several methods used to deal with the elements water picks up from the earth making it unfit for human use. Some minerals which make water hard include calcium and magnesium.

Salt water softeners

This is a chemical process by which water is softened by removing calcium and magnesium ions and exchanging them for sodium ions. They can also be exchanged for potassium, depending on which type of salt is used in the regeneration process.

Water softeners are not filters or purifiers

Some people mistake water softeners for filters or water purifiers. They are not. The purpose of water softeners is to deal with the hardness ions, mainly calcium and magnesium.

Do you need a water softener?

Well, your water conditions and preferences should help you decide if you need one or not. With an average water hardness of 17 grains per gallon, tap water in the US is considered hard. Hard water damages appliances such as washing machines, water heaters and others. If you find yourself having to replace your appliances sooner than their normal lifespan then you most definitely need a water softener.

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