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Know about your Well Water Drilling Services

DRILLING INFORMATION – No one can guarantee the quality or quantity of the water that is produced from a well, so be very wary of individuals that make promises. Well drilling is a science whose results depend not only on the skill of the driller but also on geology. Due to geological makeup of the ground each well will be different. Even if there have been two wells drilled side-by-side they may not be exactly the same. Jupiter Pump and Well drills both residential and commercial wells. We own multiple well rigs varying in size giving us access to areas that other drillers cannot reach. Both use the rotary mud method for drilling. After drilling a well that will be used for drinking water we take a sample of the water to test for bacteria. If this is a replacement well your original well must be abandoned, unless you will be using it for irrigation.


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TYPES OF WELLS – The two different types of wells are POTABLE WELLS (drinking water) and NON-POTABLE WELLS (Non-drinkable). A potable well may be used for irrigation as well as drinking, but a non-potable well may not be used for drinking water unless it has been tested for bacteria. Pricing of wells vary due to depth, hook-up (distance from equipment to the well)and if a water use permit is needed or just a construction permit.


DRILLERS – Well drilling is a very Specialized skill. The driller must be knowledgeable in hydrology, geology and hydraulics of wells, well construction techniques, drilling methods, geophysical instrumentation, mathematical modeling, knowledge of transportation of chemicals as well as local and state building, electrical and plumbing codes. Our drillers are certified and licensed by the state of Florida. Well drilling is a continuing education profession and our drillers take all classes that are available to them to stay current in their knowledge.